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Mersenne Law in Portland, Oregon, provided intellectual property services to inventors and entrepreneurs around the world from 2008 to 2022.


A carefully-curated patent portfolio can increase the value of your business, help you launch new product categories, and keep competitors from copying your technical innovations. Our lawyers have the theoretical knowledge and practical engineering experience to help your engineers and inventors flesh out their inventions and construct broad, robust and defensible patent applications. In addition, we provide a business view of the patent strategy so that management can allocate resources intelligently and understand what they’re getting into — and why.


Trademarks can be an inexpensive way to multiply your business’s success: the better your reputation, the more your trademarks are worth! Whether you go all-out with a graphic designer and marketing studies, or just pick a simple name and run with it, you’ll want to search and register your trademarks to ensure that you won’t have to change your name (and lose the goodwill you’ve built up) if you discover that somebody else started using a similar name before you.

Like control of your Internet domain, registration of your trademarks reduces the number of things that can go wrong after you’ve spent several years in business, and registrations are assets that can increase the value of your business if you decide to sell, merge or license.


Mersenne Law can help with a variety of copyright matters — from registration, ownership and licensing to infringement litigation. In particular, we’ve helped a number of clients achieve favorable results in the face of threats from “Copyright Troll” companies operating in California, Illinois, Utah, Washington and elsewhere.

Mersenne Law also provides copyright advice and services for businesses, artists and creators. Copyright law has some quirky details, and it’s not unusual to discover that you don’t have the rights you thought you did. We can figure out what you do have, and help you settle rights so that you’re less exposed to a show-stopper rights problem just before you go to press. Contact us, we’d be happy to help.

Marin MERSENNE was a 15th century French monk and mathematician who discovered a particular type of prime number. (Prime numbers are of interest to cryptographers today.) The largest known prime number at any time is often a Mersenne prime.

David MADDEN is a 20th and early 21st century patent attorney who assists independent inventors, start-ups and small businesses to protect and develop their intellectual property portfolios.

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