Mersenne Law is a Portland-area law firm that focuses on intellectual property.  We represent inventors, entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses in connection with patents, trademarks, copyrights and general business matters.

Marin MersenneThe firm is named after Marin Mersenne, a sixteenth-century French monk and mathematician who studied prime numbers of the form 2 p‑1, where p is prime. (Written out in binary, Mersenne Primes are long sequences of 1s, where the number of 1s is prime.) Prime numbers are only divisible by themselves and one, and they are of interest to mathematicians and cryptographers. The largest known prime number is often a Mersenne Prime — the current record holder is 282,589,993‑1, a monster of a number with almost 25 million decimal digits.

Dave MaddenMersenne Law’s principal attorney is Dave Madden 📇. He’s admitted in California, Oregon and Utah, and registered to practice at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. He is also an electrical engineer and computer programmer with a degree from Johns Hopkins University, and he’s spent more than thirty years poking around inside computers and networks. Having worked in the technology industry (both stodgy old-school companies and new-kids startups), Dave brings a real-world perspective to every aspect of his law practice – one that his clients find immensely valuable as they navigate the legal process. Dave is an author and frequent speaker on a number of technology-related subjects affecting individuals and businesses, including Internet security and data breach liability. For fun, he defends Internet subscribers from “Copyright Troll” movie downloading lawsuits. In his spare time, Dave is a tinkerer, inventor, foodie and motorcycle enthusiast with a love for the open road.