DartboardApproximately one-quarter of the firm’s time is devoted to litigation.  Mersenne’s approach is to emphasize strategy, speed and efficient allocation of resources. We develop a comprehensive plan with our clients before filing, or quickly after receiving notice of someone else’s suit, and continually adjust the plan to respond to new developments during the case.  Our goal is to be better prepared than our opponents, and better able to adapt to the twists and turns of litigation.

We strive to present our clients’ position to the Court as accurately and persuasively as possible, without attacking opposing counsel, exaggerating facts or law, or wasting time on unnecessary detours.  And since the firm’s attorneys are regularly engaged in patent prosecution, we immediately understand the implications of patent file-history events and can focus on the make-or-break technical questions early in the process.

Litigation has little to recommend itself, but sometimes it’s your best alternative (or somebody else thinks it’s their best alternative).  When that happens, count on Mersenne Law for advice and representation to obtain a good result, whether that’s a judgment in your favor, a dismissal of claims against you, or just a settlement.