RekordTrademarks can be an inexpensive way to multiply your business’s success: the better your reputation, the more your trademarks are worth! Whether you go all-out with a graphic designer and marketing studies, or just pick a simple name and run with it, you’ll want to search and register your trademarks to ensure that you won’t have to change your name (and lose the goodwill you’ve built up) if you discover that somebody else started using a similar name before you.

Like control of your Internet domain, registration of your trademarks reduces the number of things that can go wrong after you’ve spent several years in business, and registrations are assets that can increase the value of your business if you decide to sell, merge or license.

Mersenne Law can help you develop a trademark strategy that fits your ambitions and budget, as well as represent you in trademark challenges such as cancellation petitions and infringement claims.